Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Weekly Fop #2: Duck Fops!


Karen said...

You've really latched on to this "fop" business, haven't you? If I'd known in advance, I may have hesitated before making my offhand remark. No doubt the reasons are deep-seated and go back to your childhood.

TimT said...

Believe me, there are many, many more fops to come. At least one more, certainly.

Of course, this one is just a pale imitation of Caz's Duck Friday posts.

Karen said...

I had a duck at one point, so I'm quite fond of them, even though I eventually couldn't hang the washing out without her pecking me. You obviously like ducks because they provide so many opportunities for your poetry.

I'm still not so sure about the fops, however.

Jo said...

On close inspection, these appear to be ordinary old blue-collar ducks just dressed up as fops.

Do your research, Tim.

TimT said...

I wouldn't like to be the one telling that to the ducks.

Especially the one with a golf club.

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