Saturday, June 09, 2007

For my next trick...

A comprehensive, uncondensed summary of the sciences into one bite-sized limerick.
Containing special reference to physics, economics, cosmology, psychology, psychiatry, the medical sciences, philosophy, and evolutionary biology.

Strange Quarks are quirky quarks,
Hayek is anti-Marx,
Black holes are black,
Freud sniffed some crack,
And Heidegger and Darwin are weird guys who hang out in parks.

Have a great weekend, people.


alexis said...

Charlie is my Darwin, my Darwin, my Darwin ...

TimT said...

What would Erasmus say?

alexis said...

From the team that brought you "What Would Jesus Do?" comes the "What Would Erasmus Say?" t-shirt and jewellery range.

'Parently, Charles and Erasmus (the brother, not the grandpa) got on pretty swimmingly.

TimT said...

Charming story in the 'New Yorker' this week about a fellow who does a line in T-shirts marked with the slogan 'Fuck Frank Gehry'. Frank Gehry cheerfully wears it to the office every day, causing his entourage to chuckle and roll their eyes at Frank, the kidder.

Apparently said T-shirt man got the idea for said T-shirt line when he made his wife - a yoga devotee - a joke T-shirt bearing the slogan 'Fuck yoga'. He was rapidly placed in the category of ex-husband.

I've always been fond of Erasmus. The grandpappy, not otherwise. They had a spiffing copy of one of his natural history books in Fisher Library, complete with illustrations. He'd taken the trouble to write it in rhyming couplets (can't remember much about it, but I do believe it was rhyming couplets.)

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