Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dangling modifier of the day!

There was a man in a fedora that was running down the street!

It's true, it's all true. I saw it. The fedora was just out for its morning jog and the man was along for the ride.


Maria said...

Today I fell asleep for a good part of the day and I started dreaming of racing fedoras. In different colours. It's all your fault TimT!

Maria said...

The fedoras were relay racing, different colours did different "legs" of the race. Started off with the black fedoras, the red fedoras did the last part of the relay. I don't know how I get these images but it was a very ... vivid dream. The outsider fedora team won.

TimT said...

A vivid dream indeed! I hope you got to lay some bets on the racing fedoras, that would have been the sporting thing to do. And maybe the Fedora's all had names, like 'Charlie's Uncle' and 'Flash Bolt'!

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