Friday, February 08, 2008

Romanticism's long-lost half cousin

Billy 'Bingo' Coleridge was the long-lost half cousin of Samuel Taylor Coleridge. (He was finally found by that great poet and writer of 'Biographia Literaria' in the London Gentlemen's Club for Old Young Fogeys attempting to take a pinch of snuff with an elephant.)

Here are some of his poems.


This morn I wandered by a spanking stream
And lay my head besides a spanking rill
And had an absolutely spanking dream! -
What ho! - of spanking yellow daffodills!

Each yellow head by dingling yellow head
Nodded to and fro within the prinking breeze -
As if to say, "Good day, old chap, good day," -
This floral dreaming was a spanking wheeze!

Couplets on the Skylark

Oh! Heavenwards I turned my view
To contemplate th'eternal blue -
And hark! So far away, and high -
A creature sported in the sky!
Yea, 'twas a jolly spanking lark
Enjoying larksome birdly larks
In larksome fashion. Larking hither,
Larking larksomely lark-like thither!
Flying midst its larksome perks,
Blithesomely larking in its lurks!
If ever larksome lark there were
It was that laughing lark, good sir!
It wheeled and turned in heavn's airs -
Bereft of spanking worldly cares!

Familiar Faces

Where are they now, the old familiar faces?
Raffles, Cholmondly, Baron Chips; Gloucester, Churchill, Randolph Phipps?
And I haven't seen young Rolmondley since I lost him at the races -
Where are they now, the old familiar faces?

Shortly after finding his long-lost half cousin, Coleridge 'accidentally' misplaced him again in the Manchester Zoo. He later tried to blame the whole event on a person from Porlock.


Steve said...

I sometimes have trouble saying l's clearly. (As a child I got into a lazy habit of putting the back of my tongue to the roof of my mouth to make an "l" sound, instead of the front of my tongue.) I have to concentrate to make the sound properly.

That line "Larking larksomely lark-like thither!" therefore ties my tongue up in knots completely. But maybe it does that even for someone who says "l" normally?

TimT said...

I hope so, Steve, I am quite fond of tongue twisters. Type in 'TimT + Peter Piper' into google and you might find some evidence thereof.

Maria said...

Hmmm - found it, TimT. Not sure why the Otter Codswallop entry came up too, though.

Tim T took to task a ton of tongue twisters. Say it over!

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