Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Tower of Scrabel

So, let me tell you about a game of scrabble I had online yesterday against Alexis. It went something like this: she got a Bingo (seven letter word) in her first move. Then she got another Bingo in her second move, using the X. Then I got stuck with about six vowels to one consonant, and had to exchange tiles. Then Alexis got the Z. Then she got the J. Then she played another bingo. (She also got all the Ss. And both blank tiles.) Then I got the Q and wasn't able to play it because I didn't have any Is or Us in order to make QU or QI words. Then, um, the game ended. There was over a 200 point difference between the two of us.

I don't know whether I'm cut out for scrabble. Maybe I'll take up a safer game, like Patience - with a pack of two cards instead of the usual 52. Then again, considering my luck, they'd probably be the wrong cards anyway... !


proserpine said...

I still maintain that one has not suffered full scrabble humiliation until someone has pulled "tentiest" on you. I observed the same person playing a real-life scrabble game with his young cousins, during which he berated them with such exclamations as "What kind of pissweak word is that?". I defected and joined forces with the cousins but we were only able to get within 20 points.

Caz said...

Confine yourself to using one card and pretend that you're a magician who can predict which card will be the next one drawn.

I believe this is well within your game-playing capabilities (which sound almost as pitiful as mine).

BTW - I know how to shuffle cards and can put them neatly back into a box.

I also like looking at the pretty pictures on jigsaw boxes.

Ampersand Duck said...

My never-ending experiments with the Walmart dictionary that is within Scrabulous has uncovered another fine Q word that involves no U or I.


Now that I've told you I'll have to eat you.

Ampersand Duck said...

Grammar meltdown.

I guess that was 'experiment'.

[and the spam filter says GJIIIT, which was on one of my racks a little while ago]

alexis said...

[Insert gloating comment.]

TimT said...

Yairs, hardy har har and what not. Not much to say after my longwinded complainy post above, really, but it's worth nothing that when I had six vowels to one constonant early in the game, I probably shouldn't have swapped, since four of them were Is. Considering my later difficulties with the Q, they would have come in most useful...

Caz said...

Didn't your mother teach you to watch your Is and your Qs?

Should have listened!

Maria said...

There's always QAT, too.

I've just come from a nice gloating game over Mr Coffee. I got the Z and Q, too!

But it's a relationship-wrecker.

He pouted and told me "he didn't like me anymore".

I think it might mean throwing a game of Uno later if this is to work longterm.

TimT said...

Yep, I couldn't play QAT either. It was the Perfectly Bad Game.

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