Friday, February 08, 2008

Important question!

When poets give birth to twins, do they call them couplets?


prude said...

If they called one Couplet, then they may have to call the other Dupplet or something.

Perhaps two poets dating is called a couplet.

I wonder if poets attempt to rhyme all the time when they's speak, like in Shakespere.

"Morning dear!"

"I is in here"

"I just got up"

"Would you like a cup?"

"Of tea?"

"Yes, for me"

"Thanks, that'd be great,
I do appreciate,
Your gesture this morn,
Scarcely past dawn"

and so on. It must be tiring.

Speaking of Shakespeare ...

I is writing an adaptation of some literature, that is Romeo + Juliet for Prudes. I is thinking certain classics could do with a Prudey touch. I am quite interested in what youse is thinking of the improvements. It is written in instalments so I has just begin. I is not sure which tale I should move onto next - any suggestions?

I has not been so ambitious as to attempt to write it in rhyme - do you thinks it mattres greatly.

I could not think of that many rhymes for "penguin".

My apologies to the traditionalists.

TimT said...

Well, there's 'Sanguine' and 'Ursula le Guin', but they're not perfectly good rhymes. Not sure about other books for Prudification. Maybe 'Prude and Prejudice'?

Caz said...

Did Byron ever give birth?

TimT said...

Not personally, but he did delegate the responsibility to others. His daughter was one of the founders of modern computer science (thank *you*, Wikipedia!)

Maybe when surrealist poets give birth to twins, they call them a split personality?

prude said...

Thankee for thy kind comments, TimT *bow*

Perhaps Jesus Christ Superstar too.


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