Thursday, March 06, 2008

Because you had to be told

Harsh realities.

Cold hard truths.

Existential horrors.

The daily grind.


alexis said...

Why are those bunnies in coffee mugs? Is the latest thang in fancy coffee home-brewed rabbit dropping?

TimT said...

The answer to that is just another of the harsh realities of modern life. I would tell you, but my muscle for existential angst has just sprained and I've had to put a cold press on it.

Dale Slamma said...

Ah no. Not the bunnies in teacups! The horror! The horror.

proserpine said...

For my money, although the bunnies in coffee mugs are quite hideous, no one does "harsh reality" quite like Anne Geddes. And when she got together with Celine Dion, oh the horror, the horror!

proserpine said...

For instance.

Dale Slamma said...

No no. I like the bunnies. Don't tell anyone. Good lord don't let anyone find out about this.

TimT said...

The horror of the fluffy bunnies is slow building, like a Japanese horror film featuring nothing but fluffy bunnies nibbling bits of grass.

I just noticed that Cleopatra is holding a knife on the divan there. And there I was thinking she was just reclining in a louche fashion. Now *there's* a harsh reality for you!

proserpine said...

The bunnies would be more unequivocally horrifying if they were fatter and if the mugs were pink. Their relatively slender girth does leave one caught between laughing and wailing for one uneasy moment.

I think it's a mirror (she tops herself with an asp, of course), although it could also be a scoop for serving "cold hard realities" to a gathering of relatives.

Steve said...

May I submit for your consideration:

1. a very odd dog photo (and I don't normally go in for that sort of thing):

(Scroll down, the photo in question is unmistakeable)

2. Some very cute rat photos (I do go in for rats. I owned a couple when my wife first met me, and it did not put her off. Yay.):

That baby photo linked by proserpine reminds me of the movie Coma. Creepy.

TimT said...

Neat dog all right. Quirky animal photos would seem to be the theme of the day. I've been having a bit of fun with Tim Blair's frog photos, and the associated caption contest.

TimT said...

Oh, and then there are the splendid uterus earrings and oestrogen necklace over at Hoyden about Town!

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