Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hour without power

Now, I know a lot of you have been criticising Earth Hour, but not me. This afternoon, I look forward to putting my energy activities forward or back an hour so as not to make a difference, and during Earth Hour, performing a beautiful and symbolic activity that may or may not actually make the problem of climate change actually worse. There may be those who criticise my performing of beautiful and symbolic activities and my putting forward or back of energy intensive activities in such a way as may make the problem of climate change actually worse, but to those cynics, I say this: what better way of drawing attention to the problem of climate change (that may or may not exist) than performing activities which may very well make it worse?

Think about that, sceptics, before you are so quick to criticise!


Caz said...

I'll be turning all of my lights on for an hour, also the taps, and I'll find someone with a 4WD to drive me up and down the street, just for the hell of it.

I might even go to the supermarket and ask for 25 plastic bags to carry a carton of milk and a small chocolate bar.

Caz said...

May I also add that there will be zero reduction in the production of baseload electricity during the course of this empty gesture?

That's right folks: every single watt of electricity that is normally produced will continue to be produced during the "empty fucking gesture hour".

Trust me: you don't want to think about the consequences of turning off baseload production, although it would make for a more dramatic expression of idiocy than this exercise.

Oh, and those of you using candles - don't inhale the toxic fumes if not using beeswax candles, the latter of which is the only non-toxic fire light apparatus.

Steve said...

I love the way a hot air balloon has been travelling the country to promote this. Wouldn't a helium one make just a tiny bit more sense. Even better, a hydrogen one, which could be set alight at the end and only produce water vapour.

By the way, Tim, did you notice my invitation to be Poet Laureate at my forthcoming coronation?

TimT said...

I did indeed notice that Steve. I am pleased and honoured, and am currently in the midst of penning a million-stanza ode to The Glorious Steve. Guaranteed to bore all anti-Steve insurgents to death!

BTW, not sure really what it is about Earth Hour that annoys me so much. Maybe it's the fact that light really is symbolic of knowledge and hope, and that shutting the lights off seems to be against this. Or maybe it's just the growing perception that symbolic, but essentially useless gestures (like Earth Hour) are in any sense more important than any actual changes in politics or lifestyle. I don't know. I just cannot buy into 'Earth Hour'.

Maria said...

Mr Coffee and I noted that nearing the end of Earth Hour, lots of them fireworks went off nearby us. What a lovely way to celebrate! And how to celebrate the dark hour promoting restraint in our use of lighting except for necessities - by burning off a whole lot of frivolous fireworks. Symbolism indeed.

One reason Mr Coffee and I couldn't buy into Earth Hour - not just because of its essential uselessness - was because we forgot to have our dinner til stipulated hour. Go without food for ANOTHER hour or eat the raw stuff in the dark - really!

There's just so far you can go.

Another thing that annoys me about Earth Hour is the phrase "turn off lights and non-essential electrical appliances" - that's just a cop-out because it let's people decide what is essential. I use a light to read by. I asked my mother what she did during Earth Hour and she said she turned off the light and then turned on the TV set.


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