Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Have some Trauma, Norma!

Ever thought of said the wrong thing at exactly the right time? Or the right thing at exactly the wrong time? Perhaps you need

Willtypeforfood patented FREUDIAN SLIPS (tm)!

They say what you don't mean to say so you don't have to! Just simply hand out an inappropriate random message to an appropriate acquaintance, or an appropriate message to an inappropriate random stranger.

There is a wrong occasion for every Freudian Slip (tm), and a Freudian Slip (tm) for every wrong occasion!

Freudian Slips (tm) are inappropriate for all walks of life, from family members to random people in the street!

Yes: try a Freudian Slip (tm) today!

(Please note: this website is not responsible for any social embarassment and/or estrangement from family members that may occur.)


proserpine said...

No doubt they're especially effective when shuffled into a deck of business cards.

I think I'll take 100 symbolic castrations, in fuschia, with helvetica font and rounded corners.

Martin Kingsley said...

I've never had the pleasure of wearing a Freudian slip (not really the done thing, what), but I was once caught trying on a Doppler shift.


Maria said...

I think some men who've asked cat-owners if they could stroke their pussy, it is so soft and furry, have met with some social ostracism.

TimT said...

Ah, yes, the Doppler Shift. It appears higher and higher up the body the closer you move to it.

proserpine said...

For Maria. I'm both impressed that it actually got made and traumatised by all the implications.

TimT said...

Awesome ad! You could do a version of Bridge or 500 with these Freudian Slips, ie "I bid 5 Oedipus Complexes!" "6 Electras for me!" (etc)

proserpine said...

Public confessional Bridge? As a lapsed Catholic, I like it!

Maria said...

I'm actually surprised people got so incensed by the euphemism. Would they prefer lack of euphemism in a tampon ad - "show us the real thing, dude!"?

proserpine said...

Did people get incensed by the euphemism? I'm out of touch and didn't know about the ad until I saw it last night. I'm hoping it will usher in an end to the fashion for extreme hair depiliation, of which I heartily disapprove.

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