Monday, March 10, 2008

Paradox of the day!

The world's laziest blogger has just updated her blog!



redsaid said...

Awww... just for this touching gesture alone? You are totally going to be made HONORABLE World's Laziest Blogger (But In Name Only)... don't you DARE apply it to your real blogging life, okay? No slacking allowed from you!

Thanks so much sweetie. Trust me. I'm up against the REAL bloggers (I've WRITTEN STORIES ABOUT MOST OF THEM, for crying out loud), so I need all the help I can get!!!

TimT said...

That's all right! Another paradox: the more time I spend on this blog, the lazier I am, since mostly I spend time on it at work, anyway... kidding! (Sort of (maybe))

Maria said...

Gosh, when you said Laziest Blogger, I was primed for reading my name.

TimT said...

Why does it have to be a competition, though? Can't we all be lazy together?

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