Friday, March 21, 2008


Hello from Raymond Terrace, just outside of Newcastle! 

I didn't think they had the internet here, but I found it tucked away in an old dusty box in a corner room of my parent's house. My next project is to find God in the same manner. It might take a while... 

It might sound a little unexciting, but let me tell you, nothing could be farther from the truth. For instance, this afternoon just after dinner, Dad wanted a brussel sprout and I wanted a potato. Just when it looked like we were going to have to get up and go to the kitchen and get another brussel sprout and potato from the kitchen, Mum gave us her brussel sprout and potato. Then Dad ate Mum's brussel sprout and I ate Mum's potato. Boy, that was exciting! And I've got even more exciting stories to come! Um... 

Bye now!


nailpolishblues said...

Gee, it just doesn't get any better than this, does it?

maria said...

Far out, brussel sprout!

alexis said...

All this business about the potato and the Brussel sprout, it's an allegory, yes? Y'know, for motherlove or something.

TimT said...

Nails, evidently it does get better than this, since after my first attempt at internet connection in Raymond Terrace, the connection went *phut* and wouldn't let me do anything else of substance.

Maria - rock and (sausage) roll!

Alexis - I like to think the potato was symbolic of my inner potato, but you never know.

I should add that my mother kept on referring to a copy of the magazine 'Spectator' that I had lent to her over Christmas as 'your Speckled Potato'.

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