Monday, March 17, 2008

The Brock Hunter

Or, give us this day our daily Scott:
An otter-hunt the next day, and a badger-baiting the day after,
consumed the time merrily. - I hope our traveller will not sink in the reader's
estimation, sportsman though he may be, when I inform him, that on this last
occasion, after young Pepper had lost a forefoot, and Mustard the second had
been nearly throttled, he begged, as a particular and personal favour of
Mr. Dinmont, that the poor badger, who had made so gallant a defence, should be
permitted to retire to his earth without farther molestation.

The farmer, who would probably have treated this request with supreme
contempt had it come from any other person, was contented, in Brown's case, to
express the utter extremity of his wonder. - "Weel," he said, "that's queer
aneugh! - But since ye take his part, deil a tyke shall meddle wi' him mair in
my day - we'll e'en mark him, and ca' him the Captain's brock - and I'm sure I'm
glad I can do onything to oblige you - but, Lord save us, to care about a

Don't mock the brock, or the brock will shock you!


proserpine said...

This almost compensates for my not getting to go to Abbotsford.

TimT said...

I don't know if they still badger nowadays. Probably the only badgering that goes on happens when you're not looking.

Proserpine said...

I'm not sure I want to enter upon the slippery slope of the obvious pun!

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