Sunday, April 13, 2008

Arghhhh! I'm dying, man! I'm dying!

I have an irritating cold, and it struck me as I had coffee up the street this morning with my flatmate that it's almost exactly like having a hangover. I mean, there I was, having coffee, tired, slightly nauseous, unable to function properly - what's the difference? If you subtract all the laughter and joy and sometimes vomit that you get along with the alcohol, that is.

Anyone for a cough cocktail seasoned with sore throat, a dash of snot, and a serving of insomnia? On the house.


TimT said...

Yeah, all right, I know. Lame attempt at garnering sympathy, and lame metaphor anyway.

*Coughs up his lungs. All three of them*

Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

Tell us more about the snot. Colours, consistencies, etc.

Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

Oh, and good elf to you. Hope you're on the mend prontissimo.

Maria said...

"Cough Cocktail seasoned with throat, snot and insomnia" ...

This reminds me of when I was i hospital a few years back - quite a few now - and I had ... ok, doesn't sound nice ... but a condition where my lips were chronically drying up and cracked, so the skin would fall off them and make my lips bleed, despite trying to rub lip-wax etc into it as many times as I could.

I remember having to eat and when I did, little flakes of my skin would fall into my food and sometimes blood! Just tiny bits.

I'd be saying ... hmm, didn't order my porridge/soup garnished with dried skin and blood ... but!

('nother thing it reminded me of was when I saw the nurses taking blood samples - they take them, put 'em in tubes, give it a good shake and stand it on ice. Sounds like they could be doing well as bartenders, too. I wonder if any patient pipes up and says "Oh I'd prefer my blood sample stirred not shaken!")

Hope you're over the worst of it TimT, and are perky soon. Might be a lame attempt ... but fun ... not that we like TimT lame ... he seems to be going through enough already.

TimT said...

Thanks folks. And it's okay! I'm not dead yet!

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