Friday, April 11, 2008

Should homosexuality be compulsory for Anglican clergy? An open letter

An open letter to the Reverend Richard Lane

Dear Reverend Richard Lane,

Should homosexuality be compulsory for all Anglican clergy? It's a difficult question. What do you think? There is of course the matter of personally-expressed sexual preference. However, as you must know, personally-expressed sexual preference has very little to do with the choice to become a member of the clergy.

I myself am a moderate. I think you should listen to your own heart. Conscience must be your guide, as it is the guide for thousands of other members of the Anglican clergy around the world. I trust you will come to the right decision. However, if you find yourself wavering, there are several groups which may help you with the difficulties you are personally experiencing. With a little help, I am sure the healing process can begin within the church.

May the all-encompassing love of God be with you always - not to mention the hot-and-sweaty love of man,


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