Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I am absolutely thrilled, 26 hours from now!

There was an interesting bit on Media Watch about Fairfax's coverage of Earth hour.
And now to Saturday March the 29th, at 8pm…the beginning of Earth Hour.

No, on second thoughts, let's go back a day further - to Friday, March the 28th, at 6.09 pm - when this article popped up on Fairfax Media's online paper, the Brisbane Times.
Lights Go Out Over Bris Vegas For Earth Hour
Andrew Wight

Brisbane made history this evening with the city’s first official Earth Hour going off without a hitch.

Kellie Caught, of Earth Hour organiser World Wildlife Fund (WWF), said she was thrilled with the response.
You've been caught out, Kellie - being thrilled 26 hours in advance.
I for one am absolutely thrilled by the ability of activists to be thrilled about the outcome of an event, over a day before the event has actually eventuated! It certainly bespeaks great thrift and economy on their part, to offer their thoughts and emotions on unhappened happenings as if they had already happened: by the time these happenings have actually happened, they'll have moved on to something else entirely!

However, I can't help but feel that, 26 hours before this hasty Earth Hour story was published, they must have been feeling anxious and humiliated at the outcome of their forthcoming publishing mistake. And who knows what they must have been feeling, 26 hours before the exposure of their humiliating mistake on Media Watch? That must have been an absolutely horrible thing to have not occurred yet - really terrible!


maria said...

Tell Kellie it's not such a great idea to get thrilled so early, as Anne Shirley would say, it takes away all the delights of the anticipation.

TimT said...

Maybe she just prioritised her emotions. She'll vicariously enjoy the anticipation after the event occurs, in order for her to be thrilled about the event before it happens. "I am really, really looking forward to what has already happened!"

The advantage of this is, even if the outcome is horrible, you don't have to factor that in your anticipation. With a little work, your emotions can be entirely removed from the reality!

Maria said...

Well, I've never anticipated an event after it happened, but it shouldn't be too hard for a woman who can be thrilled about a response that hasn't occurred. Is she the type that buys the book and reads the ending first? Or maybe she buys the book, and then waits for it to be released later. Hmmm.

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