Thursday, April 24, 2008

In which the author surveys the cutlery, and prophesies doom

Reposting a comment, because I can.

Dies Irae! Dies Illa! This next space is used for filler!
(An ode to the spork)

In rev’rent tones we used to talk
Of ‘Ladle - spoon', of 'knife - and fork’.
Now prophets of all nations hawk
The FOON - the SPLADE - the SPORK.

Lo! In yesteryear, our meals were made
And then in ‘plates and dishes’ laid;
But now I eat in ‘Plish’ and ‘Dates’
With SPORK - and FOON - and SPLADE.

The End of World approaches soon!
Seas run with blood! Red turns the moon!
Plague stalks abroad- no-one's immune! -
Not even simple ‘Knife - fork - spoon!’
For now I eat my greens and meat -
With SPORK - with SPLADE - with FOON!


TimT said...

This, by the way, is an astoundingly poorly thought out name for an innovation in cutlery.

Anonymous said...

Interesting.......I am a cutleries manufacturer supplier and looking for partners globally. If any one interest please contact me through this website.

TimT said...

A cutting remark! But it had to happen spooner or later, I guess. Knife to have you round, cutlery-man!

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