Monday, April 21, 2008

More pressing questions of intergalactic import

Okay. Right then.

"Bold-faced lie."

"Bare-faced lie."

"Bald-faced lie."

What is the correct expression? For some reason I thought it was 'bald-faced lie' at first, but that doesn't make any sense. Heads can be bald, but faces aren't ever really described as bald. I thought maybe it was 'bare-faced lie', which the Urban Dictionary describes as

A bearded lie that remembered to shave this morning.

Then again, there's a website here that defines a 'bald-faced lie' as an erroneous version of 'bold-faced lie'. As far as I can make out, 'bold' refers to the typeface. And I suppose 'bold-faced' could also refer to the lack of fear on the face of the person who is delivering the lie. Then again, it would also seem to iimply that the lie has a bold face, which makes you wonder what the rest of the lie's body is like.

And yet again, I wonder if I really am living in a parallel universe. Maybe the phrase really is something like -

"Bald-headed lie."

"Bare-bodied lie."

Bolt-faced lie."

"Lye-faced bell."

"Fast-belled loo."

Heck, it could be anything, really!


Maria said...

Built-face lie?

I think this could be an expression that has something to do with lots of plastic surgery.

Possible definitions:

1. It is difficult to tell you are lying because your face is expressionless, as you can't move a muscle due to eextensive plastic surgery.

2. Lies told about plastic surgery pertaining especially to the face e.g. "You know, that collagen injection doesn't make you look like you've had Ronald McDonald's face mouth planted on your face!"

"That nose job not only cost a million dollars, it looks a million dollars!"

"Now that you've got your ears redone I've no longer got the urge to ask if I could use them as extra hooks to hang my raincoat!"

"Your skin is great - I haven't thought about asking to play join the dots on your face all lunchtime!"

nailpolishblues said...

Need you wonder? You most certainly are living in a parallel universe.

TimT said...

Built-faced lie: "Daaaaaarling, you look bey-ooooooooo-tiful!"

I maintain and contend that it's not myself who is living in a parallel universe, just everyone else. It makes more sense that way.

nailpolishblues said...

I quite agree. Mine is the right one and the rest of you are all on bizarre and somewhat fucked up planes of existence. Especially you, Tim ;)

Maria said...

That reminds me of the episode of Andrew Denton's The Money or The Gun: The Year of the Patronising Bastard (on disabilities) when he did a vox pops and asked a girl What "normal" was and she said "I am, everyone else is different!" or something like that.

My Mum hasn't budged from the view that I'm weird and she's normal, but I think she sees herself as just employing common sense there...

TimT said...

I remember that show! And that quote! In fact, I thought it was so good that it should be used as a general observation - hence my version of it here.

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