Thursday, April 17, 2008

Efficient time-management skills

I logged on to my computer. My computer takes quite a while to log on, so I went into the kitchen and spilled half a carton of milk. By the time I had cleaned it all up, my computer had logged on.


Maria said...

I remember my old PC. We would try to bring up a window. We'd wait twenty or twenty-five minutes. Then we'd get sick of waiting so ew'd go upstairs leisurely (three flights of stairs) and make a leisurely cup of coffee.

Then we'd bring it downstairs. It hadn't brought up a window yet. SO we'd drink the coffee. No window.

Then we'd go upstairs and go for some bikkies. And maybe some fruit. We'd consume them then watch the computer.

AFter a few of these rituals the computer might load a page.

And we thought this was NORMAL.

Also, no wonder people say having a computer is not good for diet, though I reckon we worked it off a bit on those stairs.

TimT said...

My computer moves at a pace that would be described by classical musos as Molto largo, pui a pui ritarndo.

Thankfully, like an endless funeral dirge, it just keeps on and on. It may be slow, but it hasn't failed me - yet.

Maria said...

Reliably slow. Ahhh, I should put it on my resume.

TimT said...

If you believe the story-line behind The Matrix, in a few years, computers will not even be powered by electricity, but by people. This is efficient, apparently.

Never did like those movies.

Maria said...

Literal people power?

I've always suspected certain people of coming up with computers run by energy powered by people running on treadmills. It could surely put Fitness First as a pioneer of energy in this country, and The Biggest Loser could be a really, self-run show.


TimT said...

A self-sustaining show! Sustained by myself, yourself, and himself...

Caz said...

Moral of the story: do logon over spilled milk.

Tony said...

Milki tasking.

TimT said...

Ever the lactivist, I.

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