Friday, April 11, 2008

Kids today!

Conversation at work today

R.B. :
I'm going to a friend's wedding on the weekend. The first wedding I've been to in 10 years. And before that, I don't think I'd been to a wedding for 30 years.

Tim: Kids today! Always in such a hurry to get married!


Caz said...

Can't think the last time I went to a wedding.

Divorces, sure, I've seen a few.

But weddings?

Not lately.

Have one coming up next month, but that should be it for another few decades, I expect.

PS - You're colleagues aren't as smart as you, are they Timmy?

TimT said...

Dunno about smart, but I'm pretty pliable at work, which is one reason why I've lasted so long in a job where I just type other people's words, all day, every day, I guess.

Only ever been to one wedding in my life. Guess they must be going out of fashion! I guess they each have their advantages, ie, in weddings, all the talking about the bride and groom goes on behind their backs; at funerals, you get to talk about it more or less to their faces. They won't answer back. Unless of course they hold a funeral pre-emptively... which has happened.

maria said...

Have one wedding or divorce coming up, caz?

I've got a wedding coming up next week (not me own).

You're right TimT, all these have advantages. You know, in divorces, people tend to talk both to each other's faces AND behind their backs! A funeral and a wedding all in one.

Perhaps people should hold more divorce parties.

TimT said...

I like it. "This could be the ending of a beautiful friendship!" More divorces should be celebrated, definitely!

Caz said...

Sorry Maria, didn't mean to be ambiguous - a wedding, a glorious, glorious wedding - The Princess is getting married ... yes, my baby is going wear a very expensive frock for a day, then she and the family will each take turns wearing it for the next decade or so, including the boys, so that I feel full value has been obtained. That was the deal.

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