Friday, September 26, 2008

Duck Cat Dog Friday

It's Grand Final season in Melbourne, and you'll find footy fans of all shapes and sizes.

Football is definitely the only thing on this fan's mind. Either that, or where she buried her last bone.

Perplexed? Puzzled? So am I.

It's a Melbourne thing.

(Photos courtesy of a work colleague, who's almost as enthusiastic about the game as D. here.)


Dale Slamma said...

Oooh is that a smooth collie?

Ash said...

No surprise that a dog is going for the Cats.

TimT said...

If she were a collie, she'd be going for Colliewood.

Tony said...

The Cats could have used that dog at full forward.

TimT said...

The wolf in sheep's clothing is a dog in cat's clothing.

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