Friday, September 26, 2008

Muslim cemetery decreases quality of life for dead people

Locals furious at Muslim cemetery plans

Members of an Anglican parish are outraged over plans for a Muslim cemetery in the grounds of a historic graveyard in south-west Sydney.

The St Thomas Anglican Cemetery is near Camden, where the local council rejected a proposed Islamic school in the face of widespread community opposition earlier this year.
Dead people have raised concerns about their quality of life following plans for a Muslim ceremony in Camden Fields.

The dead people, who are too dead to express concerns about this concerning matter themselves, have had their concerns expressed by a live spokesman, Len English.

"I'm not dead yet," says Mr English, "But I'm getting there."

However, an alternate group of people, also dead, have expressed in a joint statement through their live spokesman that they are relatively unconcerned about the concerning presence of other dead people in their vicinity.

"Sure, it decreases their quality of life, but it actually adds to their quality of death," says a currently live spokesman for the dead people.

Islamic dead people who wish to be dead in the vicinity of the Anglican dead people have yet to express their position on the matter.

However, just last night another live person in Camden Fields became a dead person, and is reported through a live spokesman to be reconsidering in death the considerations he made earlier in life, and now has a few concerns about his previously expressed concerns concerning other dead people.

"Whether we're dead or alive - can't we all just get along together?" says this dead person through his live spokesperson.

We will bring you further news on this matter as it develops.

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