Sunday, September 21, 2008

A horrifying confession

Oscar Wilde said that doing nothing is hard work, and he was certainly right about that. I had nothing to do this weekend, and instead, I found myself -

doing the laundry
taking the old laundry down and putting it away
doing the dishes (several times)
doing the groceries (twice)
cleaning the toilet
writing three (no, wait, make that four) blog posts
taking out the recycling
tearing up a huge box that I have about my place, and taking that out to the recycling
taking out the garbage
breaking up some bits of styrofoam that I have around the house, and stuffing that in a garbage bag, and taking that out
buying a new bookshelf
taking books off my old bookshelves and restacking them on my new bookshelf (I now have a poetry bookshelf all to its own, yahoo!)
taking apart the couch
vacuuming the couch
writing about 800 words in Microsoft Word
going to bed on Saturday night, taking my laptop with me and continuing to fiddle around in publisher with a zine idea I have, and then subsequently hardly sleeping for the rest of the night

Within the space of a few short hours, and with a little cleaning and tidying, my garret has gone from a state of very-squalid-indeed to slightly-less-squalid. Thanks to my hard work and effort, that is.

I am absolutely ashamed of myself. Some weekend this has turned out to be!


nailpolishblues said...

This sounds horribly familiar.

Dale Slamma said...

At least nobody wrote the word cunt in the front of your shiny new book.

TimT said...

Nails - I'm sure the old WTFF regime of me making stupid puns on whatever subject comes to mind will make a triumphant return any day nnow.

Dale, has someone actually done this to you? Did you shiny new book come with it in your shiny new front cover (brought one presumes from a shiny new bookstore, which really should know about these things)?

Dale Slamma said...

This did happen to me. I was at a book launch of an anthology and one of the authors included in the anthology offered to sign my book, it came back with the word "cunt" in the message. I wasn't particularly offended but the word is indeed there in my shiny new book.

nailpolishblues said...

Erm, I merely meant that it sounded very like my own weekend. You are at liberty to write what you will. You are even at liberty to repeat yourself ad infinitum - should you so choose.

Mitzi G Burger said...

You can come and do nothing at my place anytime!

Maria said...

I wrote the word count in front of a new book once.

TimT said...

I guess it depends on the book and depends on the writer...

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