Wednesday, April 15, 2009

And now, let's talk about something really interesting

They say in Melbourne you can get four seasons in one day. Well, outside my flat at the moment, there is:

- High winds
- A wall of grey clouds
- Rain
- A rainbow
- The sun, in another clear portion of the sky

Four seasons in one day? Four seasons in one moment, more like. I wonder why the Melbourne weather doesn't throw something else in to make it more exciting. Think it could rustle up another earthquake, maybe?


Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

It's a bloody cyclone, out my window. If I'm late for work, I'll be blaming Poseidon.

TimT said...

Or Aelous, perhaps? I don't think Poseidon's got any personal grudges against you. (Haven't been killing any cyclops lately, have you?)

Caz said...

We had the earthquakes a few weeks ago.

TimT said...

Wishful thinking on my part. I was just annoyed because I missed the first one, being at my parents in Newcastle at the time.

Caz said...

Leave Melbourne for a minute and you miss a weather or geographical event. That's always the risk. Best to stay put, just in case something happens.

Maria said...

You're right Caz, but if you leave ANYWHERE you could miss something but if you don't go to somewhere then you could also be missing out on something as well.

Better to go everywhere and stay put everywhere all at once all the time, I say.

TimT said...

Sounds like a job for God.

Thankfully as I got back from Newcastle and was just sitting behind my desk at work typing away, all the desks started rattling and I realised I was in the middle of another earthquake. So I didn't miss out on them entirely.

Caz said...

Sorry for tardiness. Upon Maria's advise I've just been revising my schedule for the next week, and I'm going to be awfully busy.

Timmy - even god needs something useful to do with his omniscience, such as, for example, being omnipresent.

TimT said...

Sounds like God has to be an omnibus of omnipresence and omniscience. He's omniomni.

Caz said...


Now I understand who is to blame for our omni-trams.

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