Monday, April 06, 2009

I see a great need

Why is it only pizza you get home delivered? Why can't you get home delivered ice cream? I could really do with some home delivered ice cream at the moment. It would really hit the spot. Are the people responsible for such things afraid that the home delivery men would eat the home delivery before delivering it to the home? Inquiring minds want to know, and I do, too.

In general, I think the world would be a much better place if there existed businesses to satisfy my every passing whim.

UPDATE! - Other items that should be home delivered (a developing list):

Warm woolly blankets
Comfy jumpers
Fat woolly socks
Freddo Frogs
Chocolate buttons

Mr Whippy doesn't quite cut it, does he?


nailpolishblues said...

Books, painkillers, and proper fresh well-made coffee would be lovely.
And apples for when one has run out but does not want to go out.

redsaid said...

Yes, coffeeeeeeeeeeee!

And yes to books too.

Oh, and toilet paper can be delivered with the morning paper.

nailpolishblues said...

In these charming financial times isn't the morning paper now toilet paper?

TimT said...

Coffee and garbage bags would be just the ticket right about now.

forlorn said...

Be careful what you wish for, my friend. You'd have to be high on either red cordial or the lord to resort to that stuff.

The true travesty, in my book, is the ever-diminishing range of ice cream brands available in the supermarket, beginning with the devastating disappearance of Cape Byron and now progressing swiftly to the point where it will be a question of cheap in-house brand or "luxury" in-house brand.

TimT said...

I clicked on the link and all of a sudden, instead of the harmonious strains of Debussy wafting out of my computer, YouTube started blaring out at me, though thankfully the words were as indistinguishable as the visuals. I consider myself well and truly warned.

Maria said...

You can get home-delivered ice cream!

I have seen it!

You can get one when you order a home-delivered pizza!

forlorn said...

I apologise profusely for interrupting your Debussy.

I was first warned at the gym, mercifully with the sound off. It amuses me that it was filmed at a Gospel music festival as I did wonder where they'd managed to find so many willing or apparently willing participants.

I want cheese home delivery, especially of the marinated labna I have in my fridge.

TimT said...

It's sacred icecream, made only out of holy water and the milk of human kindness.

TimT said...

Isn't the solution to the toilet paper dilemma only going to the toilet at work?

Easier said than done, perhaps...

forlorn said...

One of my absolute favourite songs (more palatable than the last link but may not mash well with Debussy).

Legal Eagle said...

I now get milk cheese and bread delivered to the house. Along with the occasional pot of cream, some rashers of bacon etc. It's just too hard to get out with two tiny tots.

Caz said...

With the exception of puppies and books, you do know that all your consumption needs can and are delivered: it's called the supermarket, where, in a handy-dandy fashion you order online, tell them what time and day, and, like some modern day miracle, your ice cream, toilet paper, fresh apples, toffee, winter socks and so on, turn up and are placed within the confines of your home by a nice delivery person.

Of course, they don't have an "emergency delivery" service, you have to plan ahead for when your feet will be cold or the toilet paper will run out.

Caz said...

Forlorn - the pitiful state and taste of house brand salad dressings is even more depressing than the ice cream isle.

Meredith Jones said...

Most Indian restaurants will home-deliver kulfi. btw Maggie Beer's Elderflower and Vanilla ice cream is amazing.

Caz said...

Meredith: from whence does the Maggie Beer's come?

Sounds yum, can't recall seeing her brand in any regular locations though.

Maria said...

books can be delivered ... online book purchasiung! Amazon!

Now we just need an online pet shelter, anyone got one?

Maybe an online dating site but kinda for partnering people with pups?

Puppy personals?


Said dog could then be delivered straight to your doorstep for a date and if you get on, you could take the relationship further!

Caz said... - will take your traditional meat orders and delivery them in the evening.

I imagine he has dog bones.

TimT said...

Puppies by email? That would be excellent.

The technology's a little lacking in the puppy-transmogrification department, but it can't be that far away from being commercialised.

Caz said...

I'm thinking the beta puppies won't be very fluffy. Good for people with allergies though.

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