Monday, April 27, 2009

General observation

Buying the curry with two naan bread special as a takeaway, and eating it on the tram on the way to work is a process fraught with dangers of the physical, metaphysical and moral kind, and is probably best avoided altogether.


Maria said...

That spells a Curry on my Shirt and Trousers Pants, coming right up!

Did you get yellow, red or green curry? What look were you going for on your clothes?

(Last Tuesday I got spots of Spicy Red Korean soup on my suit and shirt so I've been redecorating in red recently)

Hot Stuff!

TimT said...

It was a sort of reddish-brown, but thankfully my jumper was a sort of brownish-yellow, and now it has a pleasantly marbled texture.

I still can't work out why they only gave me one paper towel. Surely they would have known ...

Caz said...

I wish I'd known you were going to attempt such a public and foolish stunt. I would have warned you off.

Making coleslaw on the way to work is another food activity to be avoided. Ditto baking lamingtons. FYI

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