Sunday, April 12, 2009

Frankly, I am appalled

I heard somewhere the other day that almost four per cent of the population didn't know of any connection between Easter and Christianity. Well, frankly, I was appalled. If you don't know about the joy and gladness that the Easter Bunny brings to the world through his gift of chocolate, then what do you think Christianity really is about? Next thing, people will be admitting that they don't know anything about the passion and suffering of Santa Christ, and how we all eat Christmas pudding on the eve of the equinox to make sure it doesn't happen again. (Or something - I admit, I'm a lapsed Christmas follower, and I'm still not sure on all the details). 

Besides all this, the story of the Easter Bunny's nativity is one of the most simple and beautiful tales that I know of, and if we don't all eat chocolate on All Saints Day today, then we will be in big trouble. Yes, and the tale of how the Easter Bunny first came out of the forests of Egypt bearing gifts of chocolate is historically quite fascinating, and bears a lesson for us all. And for those intellectually minded amongst it, the obscure etymological connection between 'Jesus Christ' and the festival of 'Christmas' and, of course, 'Christianity' could in fact prove to be an enduring link: so you see, the worship of the Easter Bunny could in fact have deep pagan roots despite it's firm connections to modern-day Christianity. 

If only these facts, which are also true, were taught to children in schools, then I think we would all be better off. 

Enjoy your chocolate. 


Maria said...

I read a letter to the editor of a newspaper saying they were disgusted at the use of Bunnies for commercial display at Easter, becuase honouring them such was despicable given they were the most destructive of beasts in the Australian environment.

I thought that title might have gone to human beings, but the letter-writer did not produce data or stats with which to refute or support his claim.

TimT said...

Next year, maybe they could try a radical new concept: instead of having easter bunnies or easter bilbies, how about basing them on harmless microscropic lifeforms? "Here, have a chocolate bacilli*". I like the sound of that.

*Not actual size.

Anonymous said...

While we're on the topic of religion and knowledge thereof, how is this for a corker of a question I was asked the other day

"Did Jesus come before or after Moses?"

My jaw actually did drop a little bit but I did my best to explain that Moses actually came before Jesus by about, oh you know, nearly one and a half thousand years or so.

TimT said...

Christianity in a nutshell: Moses proposes, but Jesus pleases.

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