Sunday, April 26, 2009

What is the appropriate thing to do?

Dear Mr Appropriate,

The Melbourne weather has suddenly turned cold and it is difficult finding healthy and self-improving activities to perform in such inclement conditions. What is the appropriate thing to do?

Concerned of Thornbury


Dear Concerned of Thornbury,

Put on your comfy socks, turn on the heater, and dick around the house for the afternoon, occasionally putting things up and placing them down. Switch on the internet and do a bit of blogging, as that is a very appropriate use of your time. Also, if you get hungry, have two eggs, a piece of bread, some corn, and a bowl of icecream. That is a very appropriate thing to do.

Mr Appropriate


Nick Crumbedprawn said...

Also play scrabble *incessantly*. Do not, at any point, cess.

TimT said...

Bah. My scrabble software always bungs out at night. It just nearly froze mozilla, and killed the song I was listening to. I cannae do it, Cap' n!

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