Monday, April 06, 2009

Things I went to on the weekend

A pub
A blog meet
A wedding
Another blog meet
A late night show

UPDATE! - The wedding was smashing, and thanks so much and congratulations again to Laura and Dorian for the occasion. Somehow the fact that the bridesmaids - wearing their costumes - had disappeared under the neighbour's house made it even better. Later, when we were all sitting around inside, and the sugar headaches had just started coming, Pud made a brief appearance. Basil came in later as well, but sighting us he immediately hurtled out again at light speed. He's one cool cat.


Maria said...

How was the sleep? Was it good? Did it live up to your expectations? Think you'll go again?

TimT said...

Yes, and what they say about sleep really is true. It actually does taste like chicken.

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