Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Conversational snippet

Yesterday, I took Mum and my brother to Williamstown, a touristy suburb on the bay that has a normally fairly busy shopping strip. Being a Monday, everyone had decided to stay inside and consequently many of the stores were closed. Still, we got some icecream and went down to the park, where the following conversation occured:

ME: Well Mum, here's the bustling suburb of Williamstown.

MUM: Where's the bustling? We haven't got to that bit yet.

ME: (Looking down the street, which is empty of anyone except the occasional shopkeeper standing outside waiting for a customer to arrive) Well... there's a bus. So there you go. It has to be bustling.

Incidentally, on her visit Mum noted an oddity about Melbourne suburbs - they're the same as other suburbs elsewhere, but they often come with an added 's'. William(s)town, Broadmeadow(s)...

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Ampersand Duck said...

Golly, how much does this post explain about the person you have become?

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