Saturday, May 30, 2009

Forgetfullness Day

Unmemorial service held for politicians

Politicians across the country have today attended unmemorial services commemorating opinions and positions held today, and obscuring opinions and positions held yesterday.

The gathered politicians heard readings from religious leaders, and murmured the collective refrain 'Lest We Remember' at a series of dawn services.

"This event will remind us not to be reminded of things we don't want to be reminded of, not that we remembered to remember them in the first place," said Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, in a characteristically pithy statement of leadership intent.

For his part, Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull said: "It is important that we move on from yesterday's position and accept today's position so that we will be in a position to move on from today's position when the time comes," says Turnbull.

The leaders plan to put up a series of unmemorials around the country in order to commemorate their changeable positions of the day, and obscure their changeable positions of the past. "It will help us to forget our firm, unwavering commitments of yesterday, and make another round of firm, unwavering commitments today, as the need arises," says Mr Rudd.


forlorn said...

I recently had someone write me an email beginning with the ultimate weasel words- "I don't recall saying the thing that we both know perfectly well I said". It's amazing how much angrier it makes you than when someone simply and honestly goes back on their word.

Dan said...

I presume that one of the unmemorials you mention will be the tomb of the unknown promise.

Politics is hell.

anon said...

Nice post.

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