Friday, May 29, 2009

Hard to believe

If the next musical step down from a flute is a lute, what's the one after that? A ute?

Doesn't sound very musical if you ask me.

UPDATE! - Also, come to think of it:

Violincello > Violin > Viol, which is pretty vile, if you ask me.
Cornet > Corn

Not sure about Saxophones, Vibraphones, and Telephones, though.


Bwca Brownie said...

saxophones, vibraphones, telephones, ... zylophones and
the little Stylophone of the 1960's.
I could fire a shot re the Glockenspiel not being a spiel for the Glock,and whither
the zither?

TimT said...

Also: if a person who plays the flute is a flautist, shouldn't a lute-player be a lautist (and a ute player a autist?)

Then again, I've heard the expression 'lutenist' being used, ergo:


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