Saturday, May 09, 2009

Cosmetic surgery on plastic people goes wrong

'I thought I was just going to get some minor cosmetic surgery done on my face,' says Legoman JT, who refuses to have his full artificial identity revealed to the public. 'But how wrong I was!'

JT had originally opted for some minor plastic surgery to be done to his plastic face, hoping for a 'few small touch ups. Instead, when I saw myself after the surgery, I was horrified at the results!'

See the grotesque results for yourself (warning: graphic imagery follows)


After: JT may be still smiling on the outside, but he's not smiling on the inside anymore.

And that's not all. Many shocking cases have been discovered of cosmetic surgery on plastic people going horribly wrong, with dozens of examples of surgical neglect and carelessness being handed to the courts each month.

To any real artificial readers who may be considering artificial touch-up surgery to be done to them, this journal urges them strongly to reconsider.

'I just wish I had changed my mind!' groans JT. 'I look like exactly the same artificial person as before. I mean, couldn't they have at least tried to make me look like Arnold Schwarzenegger or something?'

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Anonymous said...

but if you get a professional that knows what they are doing like Dr Greenberg, then you have little or nothing to worry about. Dr Greenberg doesn't screw up like that.

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