Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ruling from the editorial desk

Everyone commenting on the internet now should be known as Clair, because then they would be Eclairs.

(No, I don't edit the internet, but it's high time someone does.)


Jayne said...

Just like Microsoft - rich, sugary sweet to disguise the evil addictiveness and everywhere :P

TimT said...

Yep. I'm eating my computer right now... oh so sweet!

TimT said...

Indeed, if Microsoft marketed a series of computers that doubled as Eclairs, I'd be first in line at the shop.

Maria said...

Darth Vader on the internet will be Darth Evader!

Dan said...

Perhaps then Apple computers are more for the health conscious computer consumer?

Caz said...

The difficulty I have with the Clair is that there would be eclairs everywhere, but not a one to eat. A big tease.

Apple is for the tofu eating, hemp wearing, anemic, computer consumers.

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