Sunday, May 10, 2009

What a thrilling life mine must be

I keep on getting messages like this on my computer.

Now, instead of waiting for your computer to make this mistake for you, you can just log on to this blog and let it make the mistake instead! The only problem is that when you go on to the internet you might think that your computer is accidentally making the mistake, causing you to refresh, refresh, refresh, and enter a swirling vortex of terror and endless refreshes. Apart from that, though, everything should be fine.

UPDATE! - Just realised this is Mother's Day. Happy Mother's Day, Mothers! Enjoy your Page Load Error!


Nick Crumbedprawn said...

Huh. I was starting to think it was *my* page load error to enjoy but then you went and snatched that fun away and gave it to the mothers...

Maria said...

My work email locked me out today.

I even got all these pop-ups saying I had new email but when I tried to get into my inbox it said i was denied access.

I share your pain.

TimT said...

No no, Nick! YOU can be a mother TOO!

And you too, Maria - thanks to the joy of Page Load Errors, everyone becomes an instant mother!

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