Monday, September 05, 2011

Better hair than bare

It’s no go the Marxist mo, it’s no go the Trotsky
Leon was axed in Mexico and he is all kaputski
Stalin grew a bristler but his fingers stained vermillion
Now half the world are baby-faced, the other have Brazilians.

Witches cut off Aslan’s mane, Samson had Delilah,
Klim got his whole body waxed and wasn’t he a smiler
Thorpey’s stubble was a trouble but who cares said the media?
Now rumours the Thorpedo’s gay have a bit on Wikipedia.

It’s no go the Moses beard, it’s no go the Merv Hughes
Now you just need a Kojak conker and you’re in the Who’s Who.

Darwin had a lengthy line, an absolute floor scraper,
George Bernard Shaw looked venerable, and cut a merry caper,
Now Peter Garrett’s shorn his head and couldn’t win a tussel
With a little teensy bit of bearded clam or mussel.

Now mutton chops is a type of food and goatee is a fetta
Which Giselle Bundchen doesn’t want cos she’s signed up to PETA
Now handlebars are just for bikes and Whiskas just for cats,
And beards are just for weird old poets in velvet cloaks and hats.


Mild Colonial Boy, Esq. said...

TimT said...

Excellent link (I like your new blog) I have other beard poems as well - I am getting a little collection together it seems. I must send you an email...

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