Thursday, September 15, 2011

Decree from on high

Today, all comments on this blog will be in strictly alphabetical order. Everything else, even more so.


Shelley said...


Caz said...

Avatar Briefs, first, as ordered (ordained?).

And a big happy day to you; I trust you and the Mrs are celebrating in a suitable manner!

Best wishes.

TimT said...

Thanks Caz. Hmmm, considering Shelley's comment, maybe I should have gone with my original plan - all comments in numerical order.

TimT said...

PS 'twas very celebratory. We went to a restaurant in Coburg, and then we went to Woolies!

Caz said...

Dang ... how did she sneak in there!

Dinner then Woolies ... sheesh, you two know how to end an evening on a high! :-D

TimT said...

Hey, it gets better Caz, we finished up the evening by listening to Susan Boyle on YouTube.

Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

Tim kindly doesn't mention that dinner was courtesy of a $15 Groupon voucher, which I had bought under the influence of the words "3 course Asian fusion meal for two, valued at $49". The three courses came out of a bain-marie in stainless steel hospital-catering-style dishes. That's the last time I'm put in charge of birthday festivities.

TimT said...

But the dishes were so shiny! With palm trees on them! Height of Coburg chic if you ask me.

Caz said...

Oh crap, you lost me at the whole Susan Boyle thing ... (although she is a darling woman, with a beautiful voice).

Fortunately you worked your way backwards from there.

"3 course Asian fusion meal for two, valued at $49".

See, this is where you should have been alert, to sign posts, like "fusion" and "three course" and "$15" ... the latter working out at $2.50 each for 2 x 3 courses.

You see? It's a lot clearer now, isn't it?

The bain-marie was born for $2.50 meals, which includes the 50 per cent profit margin (and GST; and MSG, if they're not being stingy).

On the other hand:

"the dishes were so shiny! With palm trees on them!"

Sounds fun! Would have been even more fun if that had been the descriptions of the cocktails, but hey, shiny palm tree meals? What's not to love?

For Xmas: best fresh donuts - Footscray train station ... (damn; I wish I had a reason to go to Footscray).

boynton said...

Belated birthday wishes for the 15th.
(I have a vested interest in remembering your birthday, given that mine is/was the 17th ;) No - I just remember from last year's bloggerly discussion)

I splashed out myself and went to Leo's (posh supermarket) to hunt through their bargain tables for discount (*artisan*) treats.

TimT said...

Well a belated belated birthday best wishes back to you Boynton. It's a busy time of year in whcih to be born...!

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