Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Train, meet Train, Train, meet train.

This morning I caught the train in to the city, (like I always do), and got on one of the platform 4/5 trains at Flinders Street Station, (like I always do). The train today was a Burnley Train, (which was bad), as I discovered after I got on, as the Burnley Train tends to go to Burnley, which is in an entirely different direction and on a completely different line than those ones which go through North Melbourne. North Melbourne being the station where I eventually get off.

But whatever, I said to myself, as the train set off on its merry way, I've got half an hour (which I did). So I looked out of the window at the sights, and I saw the sights, and the main thing that I saw about the sights was that they were there, and I enjoyed them. I got off at Richmond Station, and got on another train to take me to Southern Cross Station. This train, as it turned out, was completely packed out with people, so instead of looking at the sights as I travelled back to Southern Cross Station, I turned out to be looking at the people. The people were ugly. But that was okay, as they mostly got off at Parliament Station, the first one in the city loop, and for the rest of the trip I had a completely unimpeded and handsome view of the tunnel. I am pleased to report that it was mostly dark, colourless, and otherwise utterly non-descript, and unlike most sightseeing expeditions, had no annoying people trees, landscapes, or scenery blocking it from my admiring gaze.

I got off at Southern Cross Station, got on to another train at Southern Cross Station, which took me in to North Melbourne Station, where I got off, went and got a coffee at the roller door, and went to work. So there.

This afternoon, however, was a different story. I went to North Melbourne Station, and not only was it crowded, but a chap was marching up and down the platforms with a microphone in his hands shouting in an increasingly agitated tone of voice, 'FLINDERS STREET TRAIN ARRIVING NOW AT PLATFORM 3! FLINDERS STREET TRAIN NOW ARRIVING AT PLATFORM 3! SYDENHAM TRAIN ARRIVING 1 MINUTE AT PLATFORM 5! FLINDERS STREET TRAIN ARRIVING 2 MINUTES AT PLATFORMS 1 AND 6! SYDENHAM TRAIN ARRIVING 1 MINUTE AT PLATFORM 5!' I don't know who that guy is, but he's really good at marching up and down strips of concrete and shouting out things in an increasingly agitated tone of voice. He must really like his job.

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