Friday, September 02, 2011

An extremely nourishing enriching touching inspiring something journey

'Journey'. The word is used so much these days that not only does it apply to everyone doing everything everywhere, but it also applies to everyone else.

Why not trip, expedition, voyage, holiday, tour, hike, flight, elopement, mission, adventure, I wonder? Just about any of these words imply more danger, or more enjoyment, or a more obvious goals, or, at the very least, more personal agency than 'journey', after all. But no - what is really required is a journey, a soul-enriching, heart-touching journey, a spiritual and inspiring journey, a journey for everyone, a journey for Peter, Paul, Mary, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Jack, Jill, and chaps called David who leave their wife and children and go and train and fight with the Taliban and end up in Guantanamo and then write a book about the aforementioned life-touching soul-caressing heart-felt spiritual and inspiring journey that it was though they don't mention the first parts much.

In a journey, at least in the sense the term is used these days, you have about as much agency as a slab of concrete. Things happen to you, maybe; you sure as hell don't make things happen. Who says 'I'm going on a journey to the shops to get some milk'? Who says 'I have sent my finger forth on a journey to probe the left handed cavity of my proboscis?' Does the term 'journey' actually mean anything anymore? Am I embarked on a journey right now as I lounge around in this armchair?

And a very life-touching soul-nourishing heart-felt spiritual and inspiring lounging it is too.


Anonymous said...

dromomania is a condition that afflicts many who suffer a Journey Deficit Syndrome- these sufferers have great difficulty living in sedentary domestic conditions ie holding hands with a loved one watching boring TV, or spending Sunday afternoons in lugubriously tedious acts of cleaning bathroom tiles...they suddenly have a bout of dromomania, and are off on a journey...anywhere

TimT said...

Thank you - my initial instinct would have been to say that dromomania was suffering a bout of insanity on seeing a pack of dromedaries.

Helen said...

Every time I hear the word "Journey" on a reality TV show I reach for my gun. Probably best for society at large that I don't have one.

TimT said...

It's one of my trigger words... there's the gun metaphor again....!

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