Friday, September 02, 2011

The decay of civilisation and other dangers of abstract minimalist graffiti art

Every time you walk past a plainly painted house in the street, how can you be sure it actually is plainly painted and is not covered in graffiti in the style of Mondrian? And it might just be possible to think that the plain grey rendered building across the road from you actually is a plain grey rendered building across the road - but then again, it could be covered in minimalist graffiti tags with a post-Bauhaus aesthetic.

Those abstract graffiti artists are everywhere - and you just don't know when they'll strike next.

Abstract minimalist graffiti art at its worst. Don't let your house become like this.


Anonymous said...

Somebody graffitied my grass an awkward shade of green - most unhappy. Blighters. This MUST be stopped. Thank God we have the Liberals ruling in Victoria.

TimT said...

It's abstract minimalist graffiti tags one day, and riots the next. Mark my words.

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