Friday, February 10, 2012

Black is back

Black is the new black!

Out with the old black, in with the new black, or in this case the old black, which is the new new black, and it's back!

Yes, the new new black is the old black, and it's not brown.

Oh no!

Brown's going down!

Brown was the new black when the new old black was the new black, and the old new black wasn't even!

Can you imagine?

It's time to paint the town black, because red was the old black when the old black was even older!

Yes, black is back in the black, it's back in the books, in the black books that are black because black is back!

Black! It's back!

(Thoughts and comments welcome.)


viv said...

Hi Tim, I really love your style of writing. Keep it coming!

TimT said...

Thanks Viv!

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