Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Blog strip tease

Okay, first up I am drawing my jumper off. Got it?

And then I swing it around my head in curling, sensuous hoops, and then toss it onto the piano.

Right. Now, I am slowly unbuttoning my shirt.

Button by button.

Fine. Now, I'll let that hang loose, and I'll do some turns around the pole here*, and unloosen the laces on my shoes.

Good, now I can kick them off.

Now the music will be slowing down a bit. I'm taking off my socks. They're long socks, so I spend quite some time drawing them off, in a suitably alluring fashion. Like this. See? Great.

Okay, soooo, now we've reached the point where I unzip my trousers. Done.

Now I'm gracefully sliding them off my legs. There.

So, you can see I'm just standing here - well, because I'm writing this blog post, sitting here - in just my undone shirt and my underpants.

Oh, sorry, they're boxers.

Anyway, now I'm taking my shirt off - see? And I'm swinging it around my head.

And there, I let it slip, right behind the couch.

Now I'm sliding off my boxers...


And you should be able to see now that I am a Swedish Landrace milking goat.

That'll be 100 bucks, please.

*Well, the table leg.

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