Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Highly arugula spelling

All of a sudden around the cafes I've started seeing these boxes and chalkboards and menus with the word 'roquette' on them instead of 'rocket'.

'Roquette'? Macquarie has the spelling 'rocket'. So does Etymology Online.

I mean, you wouldn't put astronauts in a roquette, would you? You don't play tennis with a raquette, and you don't put choquelette in your poquette, you don't go shopping with a doquette, put plugs into a soquette, make a fence with piquettes, grow old get riquettes, and or go up to a door and knoque it. And sure, you can play croquet but most prefer cricket.

Roquette? Really? Fuque itte!


spot_the_dog said...

Commenter on a recipe blog: "The greengrocers in Australia have started calling rocket 'roquette'."

Reply: "How camp. I love it."

TimT said...

I should probably respond less crankily and more humorously, like that commenter.

Unknown said...

Have a look up at Arugula Sylvetta aka wild rocket or Roquette unfortunately babes in Victoria invasive species,

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