Sunday, February 05, 2012

Train tunnels, notepads, and apple cores

I was writing on some paper the other day as I sat on the train leaving the city to head back to Lalor. As the train went through the tunnel, I thought:

"Hmm, the signal's going to cut out soon, better stop the writing before then."

Huh? Paper is like a mobile phone? Then I remembered that I had an apple core in one of the pockets of my bag too. Would the signal to the apple core cut out, too? And what would happen then? I was about to find out...


Caz said...

Oh gawd, that's tragic.

Worse, I think, than a few weeks ago when my sister left her mobile at a shop - I called, they filled me in on events, phone was safe. I hung up and almost started to write an SMS to my sister to tell her where her mobile was, and to go retrieve it.

Well, I wasn't stupid enough to call her, I'd just tried that, hadn't I ...

TimT said...

Yes - and when I've lost something, any random object like a handkerchief or a pen I keep on thinking, 'oh, I'll just give it a call so it starts ringing and I'll know where it is.' Oh dear.

Of course everyday objects that have ringtones built into them might be quite useful for allowing them to be found - then again, having a handkerchief in your pocket that starts making alarming noises whenever someone else dials the wrong number would be really annoying.

Caz said...

I know you can get GPS tracking device for dogs and cats, but I'm not sure a misplaced kerchief or pen would warrant such a sophisticated solution.

Of course, this is the 21st century, and iTim is clearly so far gone he's incurable. Most economical immediate option would be to make your own noises until the appropriate technology arrives to meet your needs.

(Err, I'm still getting over the ... going into a tunnel, will have to stop writing ... oh dear.)

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