Sunday, February 19, 2012

Thought for the day...

... on genital surgery.

You've got to have balls to lose your nuts, but you've got to be nuts to lose your balls.


Caz said...

You've got to have balls to lose your nuts

Or testicular cancer.


And for gawd's sake turn off the spam filter - two words now, two of them, and one illegible! It's madness!

TimT said...

Yes, this new word verification thingy is really nuts. Still debating whether to just let the spammers have a bit of fun, or turn on comment moderation or... I dunno, are there any other options? (Ruling out not allowing comments at all, of course.)

Caz said...

Timmy - only been a few weeks since I skimmed any blogs, so the double whammy word verification must be one of numerous very recent "improvements" to Blogger (like getting rid of my little spanner and the rubbish bin for the rare removal of comments... not to mention that no matter how I set local time, it's still the wrong time on comments; some other time zone).

I switched off word verification on my blog two or three years ago. Since then - and this was prior to Blogger getter a built in spam filter (which it did get during the last big upgrade; works the same as email spam folder) - I've had fewer than a handful of spam comments to delete manually each year. The spam folder doesn't fill up either, that is, there's no spam. When they first introduced it, the only "spam" was real comments, which we all puzzled about - published, but vanished, until Jacob pointed out that I'd probably find the missing comments in the spam folder. Seemed to sort itself after a few months, haven't had to rescue any comments for a while.

In other words, for small blogs, spam is a non-issue, barely registers as a minor irritant a few times a year. Perhaps spamming blogs turned out to be fruitless compared to the personally addressed emails from Nigeria. Either way, I promise your world won't fall apart if you turn off word verification. If memory serves, you've had a couple of really impressive spam comments in the past ... a long way back now.

Be daring. Switch it off. Be a free blogger ... freeeeeeee, freeeeeeee. Like not wearing deodorant or going sans undies. Pick your preferred metaphor.

TimT said...

I had no idea I had a spam folder! All right, I've turned it off!

Caz said...

Weeell, you might NOT have a spam folder; depends if you went over to blogger 2.0 a while back. Did you find a spam older?

Doesn't much matter. See how it goes for six months and you can switch verifier back on if you feel the need.

Feels better though, doesn't it? :-D

Caz said...

GOT TO BE KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!

World record for porn spam getting through.


More than a little suspicious.

Tough it out, mark as spam, and see how it goes for a couple of weeks.

TimT said...

Porn gorn! Looks like I do have a spam folder.

Caz said...


As you now know, the spam folder isn't entirely successful at its job.

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