Thursday, September 23, 2004

John Howard is a Big Bad Nasty Meany and He Makes Me Cry

The Green Left Weakly have just posted a list of political websites they deem worthy and/or interesting. Like Polichicks, a website in which activists, wearying of cliched leftist propaganda, have instead resorted to ... wearing cliched leftist propaganda. Or like John Howard Lies, a website full of brilliant, subtle, and witty headlines such as the following:

John Howard is now an environmentalist or is it just another lie?

Iraq War not just based on a lie, but was illegal: UN Chief

Peter Costello Lies Too

(I'm just guessing here, but I don't think these guys like John Howard.)
And actually, it's a good thing that there are so many anti-John Howard websites. Dislike of politicians is great, in my books. But that's no excuse to resort to hackneyed arguments, cliches, depressingly unoriginal content, and banal political correctness.
In an attempt to get cheap laughs out of this list of websites helpfully provided by the Green Left, I have posted some of the URLs, but have included links and descriptions that are I think more worthy and interesting. Here goes...


This is a website about puppies and how cute they are. The featured breed at the moment? The bolognese!

Ah, flatulence. Everybody's favourite subject!

What could be more interesting than political fashion? One of those things could be poo. Which is what this website is all about.

This site is obviously part of that Vast Right Wing Conspiracy everyone talks about...

Did you know that between %1 and %2 of Americans have a third nipple? This is the perfect website to find out more about the 'triple nipple'. Includes the advice 'It is your utmost duty to give each of your nipples the same amount of love and care.' Visit this website now!

A page of quietness and simplicity on the overcrowded worldwide web - a blank page for the restless mind.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present - the singing cactus.

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