Monday, September 20, 2004

White Mice Are On Their Way

Time to use my awesome Power of Blog for good once more. I have decided to start up a 'White Mice for Harry Hutton' fund. As regular readers of his blog, Chase Me Ladies, will know, Harry has been seeking 300 kilos of white mice ever since its inception earlier this year. Now, Harry has promised to attach the disclaimer 'ACHTUNG! CONTAINS NUDITY!' to the web-addresses of all those who contribute mice, in an attempt to drum up hits. Who am I to object to this?
Readers of similar philanthropic zeal can send the white mice through to me via email at or carrier pigeon (address, Esquire TimT, Novocastria, Terra Australis). They shall be forwarded on to Mr. Hutton post-haste!*

*If, however, Harry decides to use his animals for the fell purposes of cosmetic testing, I shall be forced to set the nude PETA protesters on to him...

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Anonymous said...

It is done.


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