Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Ceci Ne Pas Une Blog

My computer desk is like something out of the imagination of Salvador Dali. Ants crawl across the keyboard and slip in between the keys. Cockroaches scurry from one side to the other, scurrying across the two thesauruses that sit on the left hand side. A sheaf of unmarked, unprinted-on papers sit at the bottom of my printer. The occasional moth flys across my field of vision.

I wonder if one night I should just leave the computer on, and let the cockroaches walk freely across the keyboard, creating poetry out of the strange combination of letters and punctuation:

a;lsd fg'arejo ew iu, fdn wqlijdf m, qa, fkwel k nf, a; ; dlfkgljasldkgj l; kajd - n!

Or maybe I should just clean up...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

that was amusing. I enjoyed it alot. Perhaps you would get more readers if your blog wasn't so messy. I can suggest cutting down on the number of hyperlinks

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