Sunday, November 07, 2004

A Comment on my Comment Commentary

Dear reader. I realise that my previous post might have sounded a little rude. I did not mean it that way, honestly. I love you. Please don't go away. I get so lonely.


Gempires said...

Hmmmm. Pondering your complaint, I wondered why, indeed, I so infrequently leave comments here, even though I read WTFF quite regularly. Then I realised - of course! For someone like me who is passionately politically indifferent, the things that are pertinent tend to be
a) Tim in drag
b) References to poetry, and
c) References to me.
When I'm feeling a bit low on comments I tend to address people directly. They love it! And they find it irresistable to comment. So I recommend you dedicate your next post to me, followed by a list of other fabulous people. And then tell us some secret rude things about you. You'll get barrels of comments, I tells ya.

kathrynoh said...

When I was a lil girl, running barefoot in the backwoods of Tasmania, sometimes I'd ask my ma why I didn't ever get no mail and she'd tell me ... you gotta write letters to get letters.

Maybe it's the same with comments.

Then we'd go trap us a possum for our cookin' pot.

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