Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Made up words - so much better than the real ones!

Blotching (v) 1) Blogging and bitching (Credit for this one goes to Kathryn!)

Bureaucrap (n) See Pubic Servant

Cunterlink (n) 1) Institution designed to give people looking for work as little money as possible 2) One of the Pubic Services

Gempiricism (n) 1) Philosophy based on the words, wit, and wisdom of an internet sage...

Hasbeenager (n)1) Adult who tries to relive a mythical youth at second-hand by dressing up their child, entering them in fashion shows, etc 2) Parent of a tween.

Hipshit (n) 1) Obnoxious hippy 2) A dipshit who smokes pot, has dredlocks, and listens to lesbian folksingers all day and night long.

Hyperfink (n) 1) Person who posts links to their own website on other peoples blogs in a vain attempt to drum up hits 2) Link whore 3) Me (Also: Hyperstinker)

Motivalidactualatisising (v) Motivating the validation of your actualisation

Retrosexual (n) 1) Person who has no idea about relationships at all 2) One who is hopeless with women 3) Me

Pubic Servant (n) 1) Person who works for Cunterlink or other government funded services 2) A Bureaucrap.

Vegehegemonopulism (n) Plot by Australians to dominate the world by means of a foul-tasting yeast-extract which is spread on sandwiches. (Thankyou, Tim Blair!)

As always: open to suggestions!


Gempires said...

Hee hee. I loved that.

talbo said...

Brilliant. Simply Brilliant. mother is a hasbeenager...

TimT said...

Oh God ... please don't tell me you were the hapless tween...

kathrynoh said...

I have one for you. De-ball. As in, if you keep shortening my name to Kath then I will de-ball you!


TimT said...

Duly noted and amended, Kathryn. Now do I get re-balled? ;)

kathrynoh said...

Re-balled with 10% extra at no added cost and iron-enriched for extra goodness.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kathy,
I love you. Your're a good little girl.

Signed ,

Jaco (Who Loves Ya Baby?)

The Flea said...

Hehe . . . what about:

Cubaphreak (n) 1) Idoliser of Che Guevara and/or anything Cuban. (Known to wear Che's portrait like a badge of honour and also prone to writing/ painting "Che Lives" on any available surface).

TimT said...

He's a Cuba-phreak,
Yes, I've run into a lot of them. And a lot of intellectually Castro-ted folks, as well. They're all a bunch of commies down here in Newcastle - I love it!

Pastorius said...

I actually saw this one in the window of a fishing accessories store last night:

Megabait - John Holmesian onanism

Pastorius said...

Actually, I guess it would be Megabate.

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