Friday, November 19, 2004

Expressionate Yourself

Protagonism, Impressionableism, Palestinology, not to mention creatures in the Watteau.... merely some of the arts terms mentioned in this post, again by Tony T. He writes:

I have to carefully screen my influences because I'm more of an Impressionable.

You always seemed like more of an exhibitionist, to me, Tony. But I can't talk. I studied music at Uni, where we learned of such things as the Frigidian and Ebolian modes.


Tony.T said...

And when things go wrong, I'm more of an Expressionist.

By the way, Tim, I don't know where you got that link down your sidebar, but I've never been ...

... the one in your post is the right one, all right. Right.

TimT said...


(Oh, and I'm more of an inhibitionist myself...)

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